How to Write a Winning Nail Technician CV

If you are looking to take your cosmetology skills to a top salon to earn excellent pay and work with some of the most desirable customers in your area, you are going to need a good strategy for marketing yourself. To land positions like these, you have to learn how to write a winning nail technician CV. Following are a few, easy tips to help you get started.

Nail Technician CV

One of the most important things to note about these efforts is that you have to have a clear understanding of what salon owners want to see when staffing their businesses. More often than not, these professionals are eager in providing their clients with consistency and reliable solutions. Thus, you want to make sure to show how you’ve been a committed and long-term employee in any of your former positions.

There are some different skills that nail technicians can possess. Take the time to show people just how diversified your talents are. List out the various nail styles that you are capable of creating, whether these are acrylic, French tip, bubble nails, coffin nails, or vampire nails. Companies are interested in sourcing talent that is capable of meeting a vast range of needs.

Consider some of the more practical aspects of your job as well. Companies within this niche are always concerned about maintaining safe and sanitary conditions and practicing proper infection control. Talk about how you clean your tools, workstation and equipment to ensure that you are fully compliant with all industry regulations in this area. You should also discuss any safety training that you have completed, whether this training was mandatory or voluntary.

Finally, always be sure to include a few measurable achievements within your CV. This can consist of any training and certification that you have maintained, as well as the number of people that you have helped convert into loyal clients for your past employers. Numbers like these will make your application documents stand out, which is incredibly important if you are competing for a high-value position with a veritable sea of applicants.

Sometimes the owner of a salon chain is looking for someone who can fulfill more needs then one. There are times when an employer may be looking to hire for two different job profiles. Take this opportunity to remind them of your different skills that are not only confined to nail art and manicures.

If you have previously been in charge of something other than your specific area, we strongly recommend you put that on the resume. Say, you were ahead nail technician and managed six or seven other people for the salon, you should totally put that on your resume so that employer knows about your talent in a managerial position and reliability.

Your future employer might not be available at the salon all day and there are times when the customers can escalate a situation pretty quickly to a heated argument. He would need someone who can take charge of the situations like these and also manage to retain the customers after that. If you see yourself in a position like this, then you’ve got a few things more to add to your resume.